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Dividers and Dividers and rounders

Dividers are machines for bakeries and pastries. They are used to divide a given dough volume into dough pieces of equal weight. CAPLAIN MACHINES produces different types:
Manual dividers: which allow to divide a piece of dough from 750g to 8 kg in x dough piece of equal weight.

  • The hydraulic dividers: with round or square vat, ensure 20 clear and precise divisions of the dough and this even in intensive use. It is the ideal tool for all bakers.
  • Bun divider and rounders: which allow in one machine to divide the dough into x dough pieces of equal weight and then to round these dough pieces and put its directly in prover phase.
  • "Volumetric": which are intended for large productions. It is possible to vary the weight of the dough pieces, the hourly rate and the number of dough pieces. The dough is divided by a piston and is then driven onto a pre-rounding belt. Discover our range of dividers and optimize your productions!


Hydraulic Dough Dividers
20 divisions


Manual Dough Dividers
Round vat
From 15 to 30 divisions


Manual Dough Dividers
Interchangeable head
From 8 to 100 divisions


Bun Divider and Rounders
From 15 to 36 divisions


Bun Divider and Rounders
With interchangeable head
From 15 to 54 divisions


Volumetric Dough Divider
With PVC pre-rounding ramp


Conical Rounders


Bun Divider and Rounders
From 15 to 54 divisions