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Cold machines, Provers and Dough rest

When making bread, respect for the temperature is very important, because the yeast has an activity that is very sensitive.
So the dough must be hot enough for the yeasts to grow and make it swell of course, but not too much either which would have the opposite effect.
This is why the "pouring water" temperature is paramount. CAPLAIN therefore offers water coolers to optimize and regularize your recipes.

The fermentation has a major role in bread making and in the final product obtained, it gives the dough carbon dioxide, volume and aromas.
Thanks to its cabinets and controlled prover chambers, CAPLAIN automates the different fermentation stages, and the stitching, the relaxation and the priming are done automatically and throughout the day.


Static Prover
500 pockets


Dynamic Provers
From 150 to 280 pockets


Automatic Bread Line


Water cooler
From 100 to 400L


Water measurer


Retarder prover cabinet
For 1 trolley


Retarder prover cabinet
1 compartment for grids


Retarder prover cabinet
2 independent compartments


Retarder prover cabinets
For1 to 16 trolleys


Deep freezer
Storage cabinet


Glass door prover for trays