the CAPLAIN story

For 70 years listening to you to manufacture all the machines you need...

Manufacturer of materials for local authorities, pizzerias, bakeries, pastries ...
Since 1947, CAPLAIN produces a wide range of machines for the Mouth Craft sector.

We impose a very strong quality assurance policy on our products. At the same time, the after-sales service, to which we attach a strict importance, allows us to manage its "zero defect" successfully. Quality, reliability and experience, the key words of the design of CAPLAIN machines.

Since 2001, we offer "CONCEPTS" or complete solutions, "turnkey", furnishing of bundles and laboratories, intended for professionals.

International leader in the production of rolling mills for 70 years, we are present in more than
90 countries, our seriousness is no longer to prove.


Paul CAPLAIN created the company MACHINES CAPLAIN. He developed the first electric rolling mills.


Lucien PERNET builds the Aulnay plant and thus allows the development of a range of mixing beaters while continuing the production of rolling mills.


Guy RICHARD, gives an international orientation to the company and, from the center of GRETZ-MARNE LA VALLEE, exports to more than 42 countries.
It continues the development of mixing and rolling mills.


Cécile and Marie-Hélène RICHARD, now represent the future of CAPLAIN MACHINES. With exports in more than 85 countries, the plant expands and CAPLAIN MACHINES moves to Brie-Comte-Robert (77-Seine & Marne)


Cécile RICHARD reinforces the establishment of CAPLAIN MACHINES for export. The company is now present in more than 90 countries.


Cécile and Marie-Hélène RICHARD, are proud to celebrate the 70th anniversary of CAPLAIN MACHINES.
They develop and launch the series: CAPL'INDUSTRIE, These are new machines designed for industry, production in large quantities.