Planetary Mixers
Professional range


40 litre Mixers
This mixer is equipped with a 40 litre bowl and 3 tools: whisk, dough hook and paddle attachment.
Used by professionals for the daily production of their products.

Available in 3 versions:
– 3 speeds
– Mechanical speed control panel with potentiometer
– Digital speed variation system

Can be supplied with the following options:
• 20 litre additional equipment
• Single-phase motor
• Bowl lift design
• Edge Beater
• Bowl lifter with digital control panel only (BT40B-D)

What is a mixer used for?

A mixer is a must for all professionals: pastry chefs, bakers, laboratories and kitchens. This mixer allows you to mix, knead and emulsify with a smooth result. It is very versatile and fit for all preparations: sauces, soft doughs, creams…
Easy of use and accurate to meet the professional needs. 

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